Kgo who?

Us, our background and foundation.

Based in New Zealand, our main focus at this time is providing Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in New Zealand, United States, UK and Italy, with a relaxed and friendly, yet customer focused approach.

As usual, being kiwi DIY sort of blokes, we wanted to do things a little differently and have complete control of every aspect, so we wrote our own billing and vps control panel software from the ground up! PDO? you betcha!!

Our inhouse developed system allows us to create new features and change the internals as we please. Take a peek at our XEN and KVM panel!
We have done exactly that! Such as: auto reverse DNS (RDNS), monthly usage summary, resource exhaustion and abuse alerts, unused data rollover(NZ) and interdimensional transportation.
A lot of our features have been added or refined based on user feedback so If you have some ideas, we're interested to hear about them!

Our pricing allows us to keep clients per node to a respectable amount ensuring quality.
All servers are automatically monitored by our inhouse system which sends out warning emails to notify both parties should your VPS start over utilizing its resources.
We may have just put together the best little VPS service in New Zealand! We'll let you be the judge of that!