Common Questions

Quick access to information is important!

What are the payment options and terms?

We currently accept Paypal and Bitcoin payments. Discounts for 2 and 3 month billing periods. 3 months is the max billing cycle here at the moment.

Do I receive my info instantly upon payment?

Our system automatically deploys your Virtual Machine the instant your payment is received. No more waiting around for manual activiations!. Due to the nature of Bitcoin, it can take up to 30 minutes for our system to see this transaction. High risk countries may be flagged for manual processing

Xen vs KVM what is the difference?

Both allow you to run custom kernels, which in turns gives you complete control. We love the idea of dedicated resources, this helps ensure you receive your allocated share of the pie. While it is entirely possible to oversell every resource on ANY virtualization platform, its less common to do so with Xen and KVM.

My mail server is blocked?

Justification is now required to our satifaction due to ongoing spammer signups. If you do not need to use mail related stuff, please disable mail ports from within the panel.

What is the support like?

We aim to provide quick ticket responses, If we are online it'll be within a couple of minutes. Someones generally online too - i know its shocking, some of us have no lives. In the rare situation someone isnt online, within 24 hours MAX. We are not advertising 24/7 support.

How do I access my Virtual Machine without SSH

We have AJAX and Java viewers for your browser. You can also access your Virtual Machines console using desktop VNC Software.

Do these come with TUN/TAP/xl2ptd/IPSEC and PPTP enabled?

Sure, even our OpenVZ range. On our XEN/KVM products you can compile any kernel you wish, enable what ever modules you please. We recommend using an up-to-date distro if you want this out of the box.

What is an up-to-date distro?

Ubuntu, is an example.

Its unamanged, what if i get stuck?

Contact us, while we advertise this as unmanaged, if we are not busy we will be happy to assist. If this is becomes frequent we may arrange some kind of management solution.

What if I exceed my bandwith?

You will be notified when you reach 50/75/95% usage. Once you reach your limit, we will then contact you and discuss what kind of overage we are looking at and may provide an addon. If its near the end of billing we may just look the other way.

What is this fair share stuff?

In order to provide a fair service, there must be fair share rules. You cannot use 100% of your CPU _ALL_ the time. This would be unfair to others who are sharing the same CPU resource. This goes for all resources. How much is too much? This is very hard question, and its not often answerable. Don't stress, we'll get incontact if you are starting to utilise too much. Chances are, its just a run-away script.